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电磁除铁器Electromagnetic iron remover

产品优势 Product advantages

1、透磁深度大the magnetic penetration depth is high

2、吸力强 the magnetically attractive force is strong

3、防尘、防雨、耐腐蚀 dust and rain and corrosion resistant

产品先容 Product description 产品特点 产品应用 产品原理 技术参数

产品特点Product features

1. 磁势大,磁场高

The magnetic potential is huge and the magnetic field is high

2. 全封闭结构,适合在各种场合下使用。

The fully enclosed structure enable machine to adapt to various conditions.

3. 采用控制温升的专有技术,即在保证决定除铁器性能的主参数IN 不变的情况下,增加线圈匝数N ,降低电流密度。
3 the patented temperature-rising-controlling technology hold primary parameter IN constant which decides the iron remover performance, and increase the number of windings, and decreases current density. 产品应用 Product application

产品原理 Product principle
该除铁器采用同心圆结构,磁场强、漏磁少。配上电动小车,悬挂在皮带输送机上方连续作业。采用全封闭结构,适合户外作业。由于该类除铁器磁势大,适合于输送带速较高,料层较厚的生产线上除铁。 Electromagnetic iron remover adopts the concentric structure which ensures strong magnetic field and less magnetic flux leakage. Assorted

with electric wagon, the electromagnetic iron remover is suspended above belt conveyer for continuous operation. The total enclosed structure is suitable for outdoor operation. Due to the large magnetic potential, it is expert in removing iron for belt conveyer which has higher speed and thicker layer.

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